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Mom's turning 70 this January 2!

As you all know, mom is one of the most humble people you'll ever meet. We wanted to throw her a party for her 70th birthday, but of course she doesn't want a party! But we want to show her just how special she is, and how much she means to those around her.

To do this, we'd like to help her celebrate by getting 70 people to each write her a special note for her birthday!

We’re going to take all these cards, put them together in a hand crafted recipe box, wrap them with a beautiful bow and card, and give them to her on her birthday!

Now of course we want to keep this a secret - so DON'T tell her ;-)

Who should write the notes? Anyone!

  • Anyone that has either meant something to her, or she's meant something to them.
  • A kid she taught in school.
  • A friend she knew in high school, a childhood friend - Anyone!
  • So definitely pass the idea on to whoever you think would like to help us celebrate her in this way.

If you think someone should know about this, let them know by sending them to this page.

On the card, you can put whatever you want...

  • A story about how she's helped you out at some time in your life
  • A fond memory you have of her
  • A picture you know she'd love to see
  • A note to tell her how much you care for her
  • Anything at all that you think she might like to read or remember on her birthday

So how does this work?

  • Use a recipe card, picture or index card that is no bigger than 4x6 inches in size. This is important to make sure they all fit in the recipe box.
  • Use more than one card if you want... Think it'd take 10 to tell your story? Then use 10. If we need to get a bigger box, we'll get a bigger box!
  • Tell others about it and get them to write her a note too ;-) Just send them to this page (http://www.bradparks.com), or get them to join the following private Facebook group, so we can talk about it some more:


  • Give the card to any of the following by Dec 28th at the latest. - Brad, Brock, Katie, April, Julie, Christine, etc. Or mail it to:

      Brad Parks
      816 York St
      Fredericton, NB
      E3B 3R8
  • It's ok if you can't find a recipe card... Just send us the note you'd like included in the recipe box and we'll print it out nicely and include it as well.

Too busy or not enough time to mail it? Just send us an email instead


Tony, Brad, Brock, April and Katie